Friday, December 21, 2007

I am happy hooker

I have found your courage extremely encouraging.My name is Maya.I belonged to a small town in Punjab.During education,one of my class fellow had lot knowledge about sex.She in fact was a lesbian and selected to become her close friend because I am very very pretty.On many occasions she invited to her house while she was all alone.She started kising my lips and playing my tight tits.It tingled in the but later on started enjoying it.This noya to make me naked and play with my whole body.Then gradually she she strted playing with my very cunt.She used to use vaseline to make my pussy lubricated well for master bation.In the the begining she placed middle finger half the way in my cunt.In fact I orgasmed first time in my life.The rest of story will continue.

Strict Taboo On Saudi Womwn

Few weeks saudi Govt has confiscated highly luxurious 500 limosines.These were in taxi business providing comfort and security to the valentine couples to hire these limosines for long drives and enjoy love and sexuality.Give your comments.At least I have felt sorry for the valentines. A Pakistani Girl

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mera Darzi

It is very sexy story which I will write for you shortly.This true.My real sex adventures with doctors,servants,shopkeepers and specially well endowed pathans. Wait after Eid.Farhana Khalid

Pakistani sexy girls

Please come forward,tell us about sex life,fantacies' This site for you to express your inner feelings,your real sex adventures.I keep posting many interesting stories and photo graphs.Be bold.You may use pen name tp narrate yourself.Thanks and regards.Farooq